2008 Susan K. Tubbesing, Executive Director, Earthquake Engineering Research Instutute 

2007 No award presented

2006 Chris D. Poland, President and Chief Executive Officer, Degenkolb Engineers
2005 James F. Davis, geologist, State Geologist of California, retired
         University of California at Berkeley

2004  Thomas L. Tobin, consultant, Tobin & Associates
2003  Daniel Shapiro, structural engineer, SOHA Engineers
          Business and Industry Council for Emergency Planning and
          Preparedness (BICEPP)

2002  Wilfred Iwan, PhD, structural engineer, California Institute of Technology
2001  Robert A. Olson, Robert Olson Associates, Inc.
2000  Lucille M. Jones, PhD, seismologist, USGS
1999  William T. Holmes, structural engineer, Rutherford & Chekene
1998  Lloyd S. Cluff, geologist, Mgr. Geosciences Dept, PG & E 
          Earthquake Engineering Research Institute
1997 James E. Roberts, structural engineer, Chief Structures Engineer, Caltrans
          Forell/Elsesser Engineers, Inc., structural engineers
          Honorable Hal Bernson, Councilman, City of Los Angeles
1996 Joseph Penzien, PhD, structural engineer, consultant
          Structural Engineers Association of California
(Prior to the above award, the foundation had assigned the date of the awards for the year in which nominations were sought and awardees selected. The foundation then changed the date of the award to reflect the actual year in which the awards were granted at the award ceremony.)
1994  Bruce A. Bolt, seismologist, University of California, Berkely
          Robert E. Wallace, PhD, geologist, USGS
1993 Clarence R. Allen, PhD, geologist,  California Institute of Technology
          Frank E. McClure, structural engineer, consultant
          Pacific Gas and Electric Company
1992 Donald Cheu, M.D., physician
          Earl W. Hart, geologist, Calif. Div. of Mines and Geology
1991 George Housner, PhD, structural engineer, California Institute of Technology
1990  Christopher Arnold, AIA, architect, bldg. systems development 
          Stanley Scott, political scientist, University of California, Berkeley
1989  Honorable Tom Bradley, Mayor, City of Los Angeles
          Patricia Snyder, American Red Cross
1988  Henry J. Degenkolb, structural engineer, Degenkolb Associates
          Edward M. O'Connor, structural engineer, building inspector
1987  Karl V. Steinbrugge, structural engineer, Consultant
1986  Honorable Alfred E. Alquist, Senator, State of California